Are you ready for Easter?!?

We’ve got plenty of delicious breads to make your Easter festive and healthy!


Hot Cross Buns are available every day before Easter! A blended roll packed with golden raisins and cranberries with a cinnamon honey glaze and cream cheese icing.

Honey Bunny_web photo.preview

Honey Bunnies are back! We’ve got momma bunnies and baby bunnies for you to take home. Did you know $1 from each bunny sale goes to the Acadiana Humane Society? These guys are perfect for your Easter table!

From Our Blog:

Someone Wants to See You

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My employee called me out of the office.  I was aggravated – yet another interruption.  Can’t I just get some work done?  As I walked from my side of the counter into the lobby, I could smell the stench.  Then I saw the stench.  I was internally holding my nose to talk to him.  His hair was disheveled; his clothes- dirty and stinky.  “I was just wondering if you could help…”  I was quick to explain that the homeless shelter had just picked up the rack of excess bread and sweets.  I proceeded to explain where the shelter was located and … Continue reading »