Keeping the Tradition Fresh!

Pecan King Cake

Pecan King Cake $28

Be the office hero!  You will impress everyone with our King Cakes.  Our Pecan King Cake and Turtle King Cake are favorites among customers.  Check the menu to see all varieties available.


From Our Blog:

Someone Wants to See You

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My employee called me out of the office.  I was aggravated – yet another interruption.  Can’t I just get some work done?  As I walked from my side of the counter into the lobby, I could smell the stench.  Then I saw the stench.  I was internally holding my nose to talk to him.  His hair was disheveled; his clothes- dirty and stinky.  “I was just wondering if you could help…”  I was quick to explain that the homeless shelter had just picked up the rack of excess bread and sweets.  I proceeded to explain where the shelter was located and … Continue reading »