Return of the Great Pumpkin!!Pumpkin Chocolate Chip

You’ve been asking for it: Pumpkin YaYa is back! YaYa is code for chocolate chips! Baked every day.


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Eating VB6

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I have a few of Mark Bittman’s cookbooks. I’ve never been interested in “diet” books.  But when I saw Bittman’s take on a diet book, VB6, I was intrigued.  What caught my eye was the picture of him on the back panel; compared to his previous books, he looked like he had lost 50 pounds!

For the last couple of years, I’ve watched my weight move up a slow incline and I was looking for something to change the
trend.  As I was heading “over the hill”, I was hoping my weight would too so that it could start a steady descent! … Continue reading »