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What Does a King Cake Symbolize

That’s what a friend from Boston asked last week and I was at a loss for words!  A million thoughts flooded my brain but I couldn’t verbalize any of it.  “Do you have 5 minutes or 50 minutes?”

When I think about King Cakes, it’s just the tip of the iceberg as a symbol of Mardi Gras season in Acadiana!  The memories of Courir de Mardi Gras flood back from my childhood in Eunice — hiding from the masked revelers as they begged for a chicken or grabbed our arms to dance with us on Mr. Coonie Brown’s farm.

Then, the Colorado memories of anticipation for the King Cakes arriving for our annual neighborhood party — sharing the tradition with our Rocky Mountain friends.

Now, making memories for others as we create King Cakes in our bakery!  This simple bread brings folks together to foster community, to continue the ritual of celebration before the silence of Lent takes hold.

We want to go one step further to foster community.

Pecan King Cake

Pecan King Cake $28

SHARE THE SEASON…for every Pecan King Cake that is purchased at our bakery in January, we are going to donate a second King Cake to non-profits and charities around Acadiana.  We want to SHARE THE SEASON…foster community…celebrate with Acadiana.

Help us SHARE THE SEASON in 2016.  The Mardi Gras season is short this year so don’t delay!  I look forward to seeing you in the bakery.

Laissez les bon temps rouler!

Michelle Lafleur MacFadyen

Reflecting on the Last Decade

There are so many memories that flood my brain when I think of our 10 years in the bakery. Two days before we opened the bakery, The Times published a great 5 page article about our endeavor! I looked to see what we had to say back then and if things had changed…front cover

The 2005 article states, “Many of the bakery’s ingredients come from local growers and suppliers.”  Sure enough, for 10 years, we’ve used Bernard’s Acadiana Honey, a key ingredient in our bread.  We look forward to the seasonal changes of our local produce like strawberries, figs, and zucchini.  Our customers start asking for Ponchatoula Poundcake in spring and Fig Bars in the summer.

“When Great Harvest opens Oct. 21, it will become the only bakery in Lafayette to mill its grain on site.”  Yep, you bet, for 10 years, we’ve been making bread not only from-scratch, but turning those beautiful wheat berries (packed with nutrients) into whole-wheat flour every day so that our customers could have the healthiest and freshest bread in town.

“The free slices are not an opening-day promotion…but rather a consistent reminder of Great Harvest’s commitment to customer satisfaction.”   That’s right, for 10 years, we’ve welcomed every customer with a free slice.  If you’re lucky, Mr. Manny will be the guy giving it to you.

We want to sincerely thank all of you for being loyal customers!  Our family-owned bakery is only possible because our customers pick up their weekly sandwich bread, our customers order lunch for the office and our customers choose us to bake their homemade gifts year-round. We are extremely grateful!newspaper mission statement

More on our anniversary celebration, here.

Cookies For Dad

Cookies for Dad 

I think that Father’s Day is harder to shop for than Mother’s Day. For Mother’s Day I buy my wife some flowers, take her and the kids to church, and eat a nice lunch. At 1pm I can say that Mother’s Day was a great success.

I don’t know what to do with another #1 Dad coffee mug. I’ve won an ugly tie contest with one of the ties that I’ve been given. I don’t need another grilling apron or Saints logoed item. With those three sentences I’ve knocked out most items dads are given… now do you see the problem moms and kids face?!

The best gift my kids ever gave me was a hand drawn card. It was a deeply emotional moment for me when one of my sons gave the card to me and I got to read what his perspective of me is. The best gift my wife has given me is food. Moms, you can cover both of those at Great Harvest.

Little Bakers

Cookies for Dad is starting soon. We do it every year because the demand for it is so high. Your kids will make a dozen cookies. They’ll add the fixins, shape them, and put them on the pan. While we bake them your kids will color a cookie box and make aFather’s Day card. I’ve worked at Great Harvest for a little under seven years. I’ve made thousands of cookies and I can still say that the year my wife surprised me with a Cookies for Dad box that it was a great gift.

The spots for the classes go fast, so call now to sign up your kids! We’ll walk you through the age requirements, available slots, and payment in less than 10 minutes.  Call today 337-236-8966.

For your convenience, we’ve listed some of the details here:

Ages 5 to 10 (older accepted; younger can’t see over the table)
$25 prepayment required
Thur, June 15  1:30p – 2:30 p, 3p-4p
Fri, June 16   1:30p – 2:30p, 3p-4p, 4:30p – 5:30p
Sat, June 17 1:30p-2:30p


Our mission statement:
Great Harvest Mission Statement

Last but not least is Give Generously.  We are dedicated to improving the quality of life in our region and bringing community together in the process.  We do that in the bakery by nurturing community like providing a place for moms to drink coffee while their children read at our Kid’s Corner.  We do that in the community by donating our fresh made-from-scratch product to various auctions, running events and more.

Our year around community fundraiser called Community Counts highlights 36 different non-profit groups throughout the year.  Three groups compete each month for the top monetary gift.  All groups win.  By showcasing these non-profits, our community learns about these groups and their valuable work.